Medical Billing and Coding (Full Payment)

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Description: Medical Billers and Coders are an essential part of every medical office. Coders translate all tests, treatments, and diagnostic information into a universally accepted language understood by hospital systems and insurance companies alike. From there, Billers are able to generate a claim that is sent to the insurance company for payment and then a bill for the remaining amount of uncovered expenses can be sent to the patient.

Palmetto School of Career Development’s Medical Billing and Coding course provides students with training in the most widely used coding systems, including CPT, ICD-10-CM, and Level II (HCPCS), as well as the knowledge they’ll need to translate those codes into bills that can be sent to insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid. Students also review relevant industry topics like Medicare fraud, HMOs, and QIOs. The goal of this training is to prepare students to immediately begin a career in the rapidly growing area of medical health professions as Billers and Coders through a robust, fast-paced course.

Course Length: 12 weeks.

Time: 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Note: This tuition price includes a $500 discount for paying in full prior to the course start date.